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Schools Out!!

Well Summer is officially here if you are a student of any kind in Spain. Yes! School officially finished yesterday, and kids all over Spain will now have the privilege of spending the best part of 12 WEEKS at the beach (or on holiday of some kind). 

So to all my Brit friends, count yourself lucky that your nippers only get about 6 weeks. 

 In celebration of school being out I wanted to share this really inspirational video by Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith in the film The Pursuit of Happyness). 

 Whether you are still a student, are parents of students or just reminiscing about 
your own student days, I think we can all relate to this short video.


So what are you memories of school/University etc?
Good or bad?

Were your holidays endless days at the beach?

Did you go to the same place every summer and consequently
make "summer friends" that later became life-long
friends (this is quite common in Spain if families return
to the same beach every year). Some summer friends
later become husbands or wives

I sooooo love this picture

Did you travel to a different destination every year, and
do you still do the same now?

Couldn't resist showing you our
sea-shell pendant which also contains
a real pearl inside

Can't wait to hear about your younger summer days :-)

p.s forgot to mention last week that the lovely Karla from The Classy Woman won our Summer giveaway

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