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Saddle Up Girlfriend

Sometimes it's easy to feel when you have to
start over and over again on the same goal,
that it's just not meant to be

But then I have to remind myself that
anyone who has done anything amazing or worthwhile,
has always had to get back up and start again
(sometimes many, many times)

I have to remind myself
those people made mistakes too, slipped up,
and got lazy and distracted 

You see, here's the thing. I have never believed in
the overnight success stories. Apart from
some rare exceptions, 
if you just dig a little deeper you will
find it was never over- night.

Sometimes successful people or
people you admire have been
plugging away for years in the background;
we just haven't seen them.

So gorgeous girl, if you find yourself
re-starting a project........ starting something
over for the umpteenth time

Congratulate yourself! Congratulate yourself
for having the courage it takes to move forward
after stumbling.........maybe even falling.

It really is an act of bravery to not throw in
the towel at the first or second or even twentieth
hurdle and  to recognise
what you did/didn't do..............

and to take the necessary action- however small and
after however many coffees ;-)

image from A Brit Greek via Pinterest

It will make a difference and you will
subsequently make a difference to someone
with the dreams and goals you have in mind.

Not only that, when you finally
reach the finishing line, success
will be all the more sweeter

Saddle up girlfriend. It's time to 
get back on that damn horse ;-)

As always would love to hear your thoughts
on my random ramblings ;-)

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p.s all images from Pinterest