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Riviera-Chic? How Do I Get It?

Having lived in the Med for nearly 15 years and holidayed
in the places associated with Riviera-chic, I though I would
write about what I think constitutes Riviera-chic.

I am by no means a "fashionista", this is merely
my view of  a style and an era I absolutely love;
it's also where the idea for my boutique originated i.e
"bringing a little Riviera-chic to a woman's day".

Of course the famous Club 55 that epitomises everything that is Riviera-chic
and where my parents first took me when I was about 5 years old :-)

Apart from the Riviera being another playground for the rich and famous
(please note my family didn't fall into either category ;-)
the Riviera also has an "unwritten uniform" that dates back to the 1930's and 
comprises a mix of nautical and Parisian chic.

Here are some of my must-haves even today!!!

i) The Little White Dress

Main pic: Lily Pullitzer Resort Collection
Top Right: Jackie O
Bottom Right: Natalie Wood deciding which spot she is going to take ;-)

The perfect white dress adornment. All available here

ii) Stripes
Where out love of Breton stripes for the Summer all began!!!
Main Image: Riviera 1930's
Bottom Right: Bridgit Bardot

iii) The Straw Hat
Ladies on the Riviera always have the traditional straw hat

iv) Straw Holdall/Basket

Oh yes!!! Don't we all love carrying one of this in the summer
pretending we are channeling our Bridget Bardot?
It never looks quite as chic when I carry one ;-)

Basket Bottom Right: Aspiga

v) Big Shades

vi) Cigarette Pants/cropped pants
Left Image: Grace Kelly (1950's)

vii) Naughty in Nautical
Left Image: Sophia Loren

One of my favourite images from that era.

So is this your style?
Are you more boho-chic than Riviera-chic?
Which elements of Riviera-chic do you adopt
for your summer look?

As always I love to read your views 


(All black and white images-Getty)