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Risky Business

There are many times in our life when taking a risk is just what we need to shake things up a bit.It helps move us out of our comfort zone without destroying our life. Yes, it often leaves us asking the question, "have I done the right thing?". But usually it's a question that we know the answer too.

If your risks are based on logic and not emotion, you can "usually" rest in the knowledge that it was a calculated risk. I say "usually" because I feel that you need emotion to move you forward when fear starts to grip you in the middle of the night as it usually does.

Here are some of my risks and things I learnt along the way:

Leaving family and friends in the UK to move to Mallorca/Spain

Saying goodbye to family, friends, our homes and two very welcome corporate salaries

There are times it feels like you are never going to reach your destination

Believing in your dream is paramount so that when the going gets tough and friends and family put doubts in your head (which they will), your beliefs in your vision will see you through.

The path isn't always sunshine and flowers, but having faith in your dream, makes the journey much easier.

Starting my jewellery business during the recession was a big risk. Sometimes starting something new when others can't see the opportune moment can pay off, but you have to be really passionate about what you want to do because you will be picking yourself up, and dusting yourself down many, many times.

What risks have you taken that paid off? Would love to hear.