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Please Don't Channel Pocahontas!

For me nothing makes me think of sunnier days like a little Turquoise (and I need this right now, as it hasn't stopped raining here in the UK; enough to look up how to build an ark!)

Anyway, Turquoise with some gold metal work worn some crisp white linen smacks of classy gorgeousness for me.

That's the thing with Turquoise, you can use it every day with a lovely white t'shirt and jeans, or dress it up in the evening with a gorgeous black number. 

Either way it can look fabulous without looking like Cher in a throwback to the 70's. 

Or maybe that is the look you are channeling, in which case I apologise profusely! 

However, if you don't want to channel Cher or Pocahontas, then I would say, just go for one beautiful, stand-out  statement piece. 

But then, what the hell do I know? LOL


Hammered Cuff

Sometimes you might want to wear something more under-stated. But with it's strong colour presence Turquoise can still make a delicate statement.


Pendant here

Someone who really knows how to rock Turquoise is the lovely Tamera Beardsley

I just love how she puts pieces together (see below on her recent trip to Marfa, Texas).

I just wish she would come to the UK to dress me everyday!

Here are some facts about Turquoise you "may" not have known:

i) Turquoise is a powerful stone for protection. It increases inner calmness and eases depression, anxiety and exhaustion

ii) it is the stone that strengthens female energies

iii) it is a stone for friendship and true love (who knew!?)

iv) it's a powerful stone that stimulates intuition

v) it's especially calming if you have to do public speaking

vi) it's a stone that strengthens the immune system.

vii) great for soothing headaches 

viii) when given as a gift it is said to bring prosperity and happiness to the recipient.

ix) it's a  great stone for using when meditating.

So  there you have it! 

A few reasons why Turquoise may become your new plus one this Summer!

I would love to know if  Turquoise is a stone you like or that you may start incorporating in your life/wardrobe in some way.

Until next time. Stay safe Lovelies.