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Pencils of Promise

OK. This blog has always been about things that inspire me.
People. Objects. Products. Thoughts. Anything.

This week I watched a video about one of the most
incredible people-Adam Braun.

I watched an interview with him and Jonathan Fields
(posted below if you have 30+ minutes for the
longer version) and I was dumb-founded.

I watched it twice each time feeling more selfish,
self-absorbed and humbled.

How could someone SO young have such an incredible
and self-less vision?
What was I thinking about when I was in my early 20's
(nothing as profound and life-changing as Adam-for sure.
I don't think that even changed much in my 30's!)

In the longer interview you get more or a sense of the kind of
family background and ethics Adam was brought up with
(he has 2 African adopted brothers).

His Grandmother who was carted off to
Auschwitz with all her family (who perished)
survived, and became his main inspiration.

Nothing has inspired me like this for a long time.
It really made me think about, what am I here for?
What will be my legacy? (especially as I don't 
have children).
I don't have any answers yet ( and 
I may never have them)  but I am hoping by having that 
question at the forefront of my mind as I go about my
daily life, something will be ignited.

It also made me realize just how self-absorbed 
I have recently been with my own obstacles
(some of which I have written about here).

It doesn't mean my obstacles didn't exist.
It just made me realize I had no real perspective.
If I did have perspective, they would not have
taken up so much head space.

Sometimes you need to come across
a story like this to just get you back
on track.

PLEASE, if you have just 30 minutes, grab your favorite
drink, make yourself comfy and watch the full story.

If you have children that moan about doing their homework
or going to school, get them to watch the short version ;-)

I would love to hear about anything that has recently inspired
you. It doesn't have to be on a big scale or hugely profound. But just
the fact that you felt inspired, means our minds and hearts are still

I would also love to know your thoughts on the above.