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Our Divas Don't Sleep!

OK, so here we are just finishing the first week in January, and when most people are shopped out and recovering from the holiday season, the Divas that buy from our boutique are still shopping (I am not complaining, just very, very grateful!)
Here's the items that were most popular as we kicked off 2011.

OK this was actually bought at the end of December by my wonderful blog friend Adrienne over at The Rich Life on a Budget
In fact she bought the new color called Fume (which is so new I don't have a photo from the designer yet).Basically it's a gorgeous smoky, brown, tobacco color. Adrienne bought it as a reward for her new exercise regime (pop over to her blog and read all about her efforts; it's truly inspirational if you are in a "fitness funk" after the holiday indulgences). I'm hoping once her ring arrives she will post a photo so you can all the see the new color.

A few people purchased this ring this week.As you can see from the second photo, it opens up like a locket and is deep/big enough to put a sentimental momento inside. One customer wanted to put a lock of her sisters hair after her sister died from cancer at the end of last year. How heartbreaking!

If you are all "glitzed out" after the party season, these earrings seem to be quite popular; I think it's because after all the glitz and glamor, these are still classy enough to wear during the day without looking like a Christmas tree.I know mine have been on my ears quite a bit this week.

Finally the earrings that made it onto the ears of an MTV Diva, sold quite a few at the end of last year and this week. Who is the Diva? Don't be naughty, you know I can't tell. OK, you naughty bunnies, here are some clues: She is a singer-song- writer, she plays the piano, she had a hit last year singing about a very special city in America, and she has just had a baby boy!

OK, so there you have it, a quick update of what our loyal Divas bought this week.

All items available from LUXURIA