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Operation Bikini

OK Operation Bikini has started with vengeance here in Spain.

Gym memberships increase in April/May as opposed
to in the UK when gym memberships increase in Jan.

OK, I've accepted I'm never going to have a peachy bum
like this, but a girl can dream can't she?

Everyone is getting bikini ready

OK, here are the diet rules I attest to. Please bear in mind when 
reading them that I have the willpower of a gnat, and 
the metabolism of a DEAD slug.

Peach Bellini's .................

and  Blackberry Mojito's count as fruit.

Biscuit pieces have no calories because breaking the
biscuit causes the calories to leak out

If you eat standing up, food has no calories due to

Food eaten for medical purposes does NOT count
e.g chocolate, toast slathered with butter, cheesecake
and Vodka

Food eaten from someone else's plate has no fat.
Well really, the calories belong to the other person.....don't they?

When you eat with others, calories don't count
if you don't eat more than they do

While you are cooking, food licked from knives
and forks has no fat

If no-one sees you eat something, 
it has no calories

My fav tip!!

Jokes aside, share with us a tip that
enables you to get bikini ready.

p.s Please forgive me for not being very active on the blogoshpere. The BIG pack has started in earnest 
Trust me, it's no fun when the temperatures are 45ºC/115ºF most days.