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Note to Self

Sometimes it might not look like it.........
it might not feel like may feel like giving up.

But that  thing you are working on, that you
have put your heart and soul into for so long....
it really is happening

It may be going slower than you want.

It may not be taking shaping according to YOUR

But stop constantly taking score

It IS unfolding.

Enjoy this part of the journey.

When you get to your destination will
you look back and wish you savored every step
because now you realise that every difficult step was
wrapped in fabulousness?

You really can't feel the good stuff unless you
know what the bad stuff feels like.

Keep going.
Don't you DARE give up.
You really are closer than you realize.

Just look around and appreciate how far you have come.

Happy journey lovelies.
Don't you dare give up.....
I'm watching you ;-)

How's your "journey" going gorgeous girl?

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All images courtesy of Pinterest