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Because there are so many hours in the day........
because we are only human............
because we can't be everywhere, to everyone all the time,

One day I will arrive here ;-)

we have to make choices.
Sometimes we just have to say NO, or
just walk away

Frigiliana/Spain. Can't tell you how many times
I walked these cobbled lanes.

But what you are really doing by saying NO, is allowing
space for saying YES; yes to the things that mean
more to you, are more important for you.
Leaving room for the things that matter more.

So please lets allow ourselves the choice
of saying no to those things that are not working
for us.

It will be OK. In fact "choosing" is a brave thing to do.

Remember you get to choose.
You get to decide.


So have you said NO recently?
How did it go down?
Do you find it difficult to say no and
so ending up saying yes instead?

p.s I often get asked about how I select my images. 
Let me be perfectly honest
with you. There is no method in my madness; 
no special themes, no artistic order (unless
I'm doing a product post only).
I simply select images that make me smile or
resonate with me on that day.


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