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No-one Came To My Party

Every now and then, much to my anger and
irritation I lose my mo-jo, 
and this week was a case in point.

There just seemed to be sadness everywhere I turned.

I felt life was unfair (really dangerous territory for the mind)

Atrocious events made me more aware
of the struggle and fears we are all living with.

I was looking at my Dad, once a tall,elegant and dignified man
now just a shell of his former self.

I had lost my "sparkle" and I didn't care.
I wasn't even trying to find it.

I was having me a big ol pity-party.
No-one else RSVP'd, but that didn't
stop me. I  didn't care I was the 
only guest dancing at this party
for as long as my heels would hold me.

Alcohol wasn't needed at this party-oh no!
I wanted to be fully alert and conscious about
my self-pity; I really wanted to enjoy and 
wallow in it, like a big, old
hippo wallowing in mud.

But then my lovely friend Sandee from
A Brit Greek, pinned this on one of my
Pinterest boards.

It was as if she had popped by my
pity party just to tell me this ;-)

But why did she have to remind me of this when
all I wanted to do was find me a quiet spot and
read my book ;-) I hadn't finished wallowing. 
Didn't she know that? How dare she?

But she did, and serendipity led me straight to
her pin by pure accident.

And then I thought about recent horrific events in
Boston and Waco and thought, how dare I wallow
in self-pity.

Then I remembered a "mantra" that my Mum
always used to say which is:

"Appreciation for today and eagerness for
what's coming tomorrow".

For some reason, it always gets 
me out of my slump.

How do you get yourself out of a slump
or find your mo-jo again?

Is "mo-jo" just over-rated?

Do you hold pity-parties every now and

Would love to hear your thoughts Lovelies and
special thoughts and prayers for all in the US 
this week