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No need to go Native!!

OK, so you don’t have to be a Native American to be able to wear one of this summers on-trend gems;turquoise.

There are really no limits to the functionality and utility of turquoise pieces, although we all can't walk around looking like Cher (as much as I would love too!).

For me turquoise epitomises everything that is summer; Mediterranean seas, crystal clear waters off the Greek islands, hot, sultry days in Ibiza.........I could go on.

For this reason turquoise is my “go-to” gem in Summer, but I never wear it during the winter months (altho’ I do have customers that do wear it all year round and they always look fab!)

The great thing about turquoise is that it goes with almost any color wonderfully, especially since there are quite a few different colors of natural turquoise.
Turquoise can come in all shades of green and blue, as well as yellow and brown. There are also other gemstones that are called “White Turquoise” which obviously would go with any outfit as they are white and black. The most common color of course is the traditional turquoise blue or aqua “Sky Blue” colored turquoise. This color is so beautiful and is the most highly desired.

Turquoise jewellery looks great with jeans and a t-shirt, but this summer many celebs have been seen using turquoise at evening events.

There is no one best way to wear turquoise pieces, but if you don’t want to look like a Navajo Indian, then I suggest you select carefully the piece you want to wear, and keep it to a minimum.

Crete pendant: This is definitely a "statement" piece composed of a vibrant turquoise drop framed by a hand-crocheted gold border

I know many would disagree with me and say, mixing the colors up makes one look more artistic and ethnic (and this is true if you are about to don your wellies and head off to Coacharella or Glastonbury, then I say "Go girl!"). But if you are over 40, I would say “don’t go there”. You will end up looking like someone’s spinster Aunt who still thinks she is 25 when in reality is 65 (you know the Aunt who always embarrasses you when she starts dancing at family weddings!).

Others also say that by not wearing matching pieces one appears more travelled and worldly. I ,on the other hand feel that one good piece makes the wearer look more sophisticated. Whichever look you choose, you will certainly be bang on trend this summer with anything turquoise .

Kensie Earrings-bright blue stunners composed of faceted turquoise stones interwoven with gold wire to create a mosaic effect Noelle Necklace: Stunning pendant composed of a delicate strand of grey freshwater pearls leading to a stunning drop framed in gold crotchet

All featured pieces are from our boutique and come with a 20% discount until the end of July.