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No More Excuses Baby!

Summer is a great time for reflection.
As you lie on the beach or by the pool
we make all kinds of promises to ourself
of how things will be different once the 
holidays are over.

We get back to the routine and we forget that we can
decide what kind of life we want to have, we don't have
to just lead a "reactive life". 

We are the ONLY ones who can decide. 
We just can't wait around for things to happen.

We need to take "inspired action" to make things happen;
not just "busying" so that it looks like we are doing
something. You know what I mean Lovelies ;-)

(I am great at "busyness" that doesn't achieve
much ;-)

So no more excuses baby.................lets do this

I just couldn't resist this cutie. Check out her arm candy ;-)

wrap bracelets, blue jewelry, stretch bracelets

OK, talking of arm candy, this  wrap bracelet is new
in this week with colors depicting the stormy seas of the
Mediterranean. It really is gorgeous (I prefer it to Mia 1 
which was the summer version) as I think it will take you 
from summer to winter with no problems.

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Sending hugs