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New Year Dreams

Firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR Lovelies!!
I hope you all entered 2014 with a bang.

Always at this time of  year I think about where I want to be
one year from now.

For the last few years I've veered away from goals and resolutions;
I didn't want to feel like a failure when I didn't stick to my resolutions.

So I stuck with a mantra and focused on how I wanted to feel.
But I noticed something.
It was much easier to drift when I had no clear objectives;
 I didn't have to be accountable to anyone about anything. 
I could just do
as I pleased and "play" at progress.

I allowed myself this pleasure as I had made big changes
in my life in 2013 and I needed some time to re-set the balance.

However, this year I've decided the kid gloves must come off.
It's time to play big.

It's time to set objectives and I will work to achieve
them using the 80/20 rule.
It's time to stop wasting time with the unnecessary,
the time-wasting, the minutia details.

My new mantra (for my business objectives) will be:
Mantra 1:

Don't get me wrong, altho' I am thinking BIG
(and not keeping that fact to myself, which may be
a bad move) I will still nurture and renew as I go along.

On a personal level I have lots of little changes I would
like to make aiming
for the 80/20 rule:
*giving up wheat (currently reading the book
Wheat Belly and am horrified by what
I am reading)
*giving up the dreaded Diet Coke
*a green juice for breakfast every morning
*drinking more water
*making time to read 
(and not buying any more books until I 
finish all the ones I have. Does anyone else
buy books constantly? Is it a "medical condition"?
My husband seems to think so ;-)

*having one technology free day
*not checking emails until after 3pm
*stop the "compare and despair" that
platforms like Instagram allows to seep into 
the fibres of your soul
Did I say drink more water or chocolate?

I won't beat myself up when I make mistakes.
I won't label myself a failure just because one 
idea didn't work. 

But most importantly I will always try to be a 
better person than the day before

I will just work towards making things happen

However, I AM going to enjoy the journey also,
something I am guilty of not always doing ;-)
I usually battle my way to finish line 
only to move on to the next, big shiny thing.

And of course I won't forget to
try and sparkle all the way ;-)

I hope you will stay with me on
my journey.

I would love to hear what your thoughts, plans
objectives are for the forthcoming year.