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My Travel Companions

So schools are finished here in the UK and the
travelling madness begins.

I don't go on my hols until September but already I am dreading
getting on a plane.

I am the kind of traveller that needs to keep the air steward within 
my eye-line at all times (if they're not panicking I am not panicking!)

Being a germa-a-phobe going onto a plane is my worst nightmare.
I go armed with my anti-bacterial wipes and won't sit down until the tray table and seat belt buckle and every conceivable surface around me has been well and truly scrubbed/sprayed with anti-bacterial wipes/spray.

I know I look like a demon-possessed. As for using the bathroom?
It's never going to happen.
I once did a 17 hour flight from London to Maui and refused to use the bathrooms which meant I couldn't hydrate by drinking, so got off that flight looking like a dried up prune. 

Anyway, here are some of my must-haves to make my flight
easier and also to make my Husband's life easier ;-)

First up has nothing to do with bacteria, but is because I am
an organisation ninja.
This ensures a hassle-free holiday by keeping all documents together in this gorgeous zipped travel wallet and passport holder by Aspinal.

Tip:  Not sure whereI learnt this but scan your passport, bank cards
and all important documents and email them to yourself before you set off on your jaunt
(this is the worry-wort in me).

Next up is the Travalo perfume bottle.
The aircraft approved Travelo Milano holds up to
65 sprays; the prefect size for a handbag or carry on.
When you decant your fragrance it goes from the 
original sealed bottle to the leak proof Travelo 
without any degradation.

As it is glass free it is the only air-craft safety 
approved perfume bottle allowed in hand-luggage.

So if I am on a long haul flight, it's best for everyone on the air-craft that I use this and knock myself out. Otherwise I am looking planning the quickest escape route or looking for suspicious twitches from my fellow passengers. 
So this is best for everyone's sanity.
It's by ThisWorks  and let me tell you it really does.

Again another companion for long haul flights.
Exfo-Lite is an exfoliator that is a potent mix of sea salt,
diuretic Himalyan pink salt crystals and a shake of 
Amalfi lemon peel.

This is great for lightening the feeling of heavy legs,
promoting circulation and reducing fluid retention.

And so my bacteria-phobe madness rears it's ugly
becomes my go-to wherever I am. I have these in
the car and in just about every bag I own.
If I could drink it I would!!!

It consists of all natural and organic essential oils
plus a dash of witch hazel. I also think the lovely

blue glass bottle is so much nicer to whip out of your
bag than the standard, awful, plastic anti-bac cleansers.

When it all gets too much and you just 

need to shut yourself away then it has to be an

This eyemask is by Illuminage

This mask is infused with copper oxide fibres that are said to fight wrinkles when your eyes are closed.
Also the copper ions are said to promote natural cell renewal.
All this from an eye-mask can't be bad ;-)

Finally this is a real luxurious buy but so worth it if you travel alot.
It comprises  a memory stick, 
international plugs and a power block.

It comes in a multitude of colourways and you can get it personalised.

You can buy this at StowLondon

So that's it my friends.
I would LOVE to hear what are your
travel musts when travelling apart
from the obvious such as books,
music, pillow, Husband.........