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My Mantra

At the beginning of the New Year I like to
pick a mantra that I try to live by daily.

I don't always remember.

But I try ;-)

This year I've picked:

Be Calm. Be Kind. 
As Everyone is Struggling to Survive
(I saw this somewhere but can't for
the life of me remember where)

Here's the thing. Whenever I am in a situation
that would have normally "got under my skin",
such as yesterday when I was in a shop and the assistant
was behaving as though she was doing me a favor by 
taking my money.

I just said this mantra to myself
and MY perspective, vibration,
energy (whatever you feel makes you
tick) changed. "Miserable Milly" was
still the same, but I felt different;
I just let the situation wash over me.

Here are two others I've posted
on my office/study wall as a daily

This one has been particularly relevant since
I left Spain and returned to the UK to look
after my Dad

And if all else fails.....................

Do you have a saying/mantra/quote for 2013?
Would love to hear them.
Happy weekend Lovelies

p.s the lovely Alexandra Howells (Ireland)
won our subscribers December  draw
Sara Ferreras (from Spain) was picked for the November draw 
(awaiting photos from both)
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