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My Baby has Grown Up!

Well I can't believe that I have been blogging for "nearly" 1 year (about 10 months) and I never thought I would get so wrapped up in the blogging world, not to mention some of the wonderful friends I have made (but that's for another post).

When I started blogging, my blog was just seen as an extension of my boutique; it was functional and served a purpose . But then something strange started to happen. I started experiencing "blog envy!" Yes I believe it now is a medical condition (at least in my house) and strange things started to happen.
I would waste hours just browsing some of these gorgeous blogs, wishing my baby had been born more attractive ( "she" really was ugly, there was no getting away from it!). I was starting to feel like the "poor relation" within my blogging group. I didn't even have a "button" to share when some of my blogging friends asked for it; you hear the violins playing in the background?

But I kept telling myself that content was more important. But subconsciously I was no longer buying into that little chestnut.

So I conducted a small survey amongst my LinkedIn contacts asking them for their opinions. (I couldn't conduct the survey amongst my blogging friends, as they were the source of the "little green monster" that was constantly perched on my shoulder).

Most of the men from my LinkedIn contact group thought the blog was fine as it was; functional, simple, got the job done. However, the women were definitely coming from a different place. And as one contact/friend said "Van, you are in the business of glamour, and your blog doesn't depict this!" That was it. The die had been cast. It was time for some surgery.

Enter, Danielle Moss my fairy Blog-mother. I'm not sure how I found out about Danielle, I only had a scribbled note in my business journal that said "Contact her!"

And so our relationship began. She has the patience of a saint and listened patiently when I sent her what now seem like ludicrous ideas. She never laughed (well not out-right), but gently guided me to what you are looking at now. Thank God she never listened to any of my suggestions! I only knew I wanted something classy and simple, with not too many colours. Danielle waved her wand, and here is the finished piece.

I am SO happy now. I feel I can compete with the "big glam-guns" (don't be modest, you know who you are ;-)

I feel this is more a representation of who I am and what my boutique represents, (more than the Blogger template did!) and more importantly I have a gorgeously cute button. Please grab my button if you want to make a proud mummy cry.

Danielle, still has some tweaking to do, but I couldn't wait to unveil the new look.

I would love your opinions and to hear what you think . One friend asked me what's the "divas" name. She looks like a Lola to me. What do you think?