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Monday Musing

I saw this quote on a Facebook page I follow (thank you Erin Kurt)
and I must say it really resonated with me.

Sometimes when I look back on what I desired years ago, I realise
now it would never have worked/made me happy etc 
because I am  not the person
I needed to be to obtain the desired goal at the time.

I think the biggest testament to this sentiment is running a business.
Every day you have new goals/ desires something new which seems constantly out of reach.
But once you get the "desired" goal, you realise you would never 
have appreciated it half as much if you didn't have to work for it, or if it came

Often the success is even sweeter when there is an 
"incubating" period; as if the Universe is just "checking"
you REALLY want it.

Is there something you desire more than
anything that just seems that little bit
unobtainable at the moment?

Are you still determined to get there or 
have you moved onto something else?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Have a lovely week Beautiful