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Life is made up of "moments"
and how we choose to live these moments is
up to us

One moment in time can change our lives for the best, or for something
we would have rather not had

However I believe that something good always comes out of something 
negative.  Admittedly we sometimes have to look
extra hard, but we will find it 

I don't only want to create memories in my life. 
I also want to create moments; living in the
moment when we are totally in the
flow and aligned with who we are
and what we want to be

So my lovelies, I hope these holidays
bring you the most divine-filled moments

I also want to thank all my wonderful
blog friends and customers who 
brought me wonderful moments throughout
the year

Harry Winston's Fifth Avenue home

Thank you ALL for being part of my small world

May 2013 bring you even more "melting moments"

Happy Holidays Lovelies
May Santa bring you everything you
wish for yourself