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Meltdown Over

Hello Lovelies!
First a HUGE thank you for all the heartfelt
comments I got to my previous post.

Right up until yesterday I was receiving
emails from all over the blogosphere
from wonderful women just checking in ;-)

I can't tell you how much strength it has
actually given me.

I also took Dame Taylors advice;
I put on the vampish lipstick and
nail polish and pulled myself together.

However whilst attending my own "pity party" I: 

* learnt my meltdown was more about 
my fear for the people
I love than about my own fears.

*learnt it was more about my anger at someone
disrupting my cosy, happy life

*I learnt that I can lose my head about trivia,
but when it really matters I am "on it"
(as my Hubs so kindly told me)

* I learnt sometimes you just have to
"zap" the toxic people in your life; there is
just no time for discussions. 
You need to move quickly.

*I learnt to not push harder and harder against the problem;
it just gives the issue more energy

*I learnt to continue crafting my life as I wish; in a way that
brings real joy and pleasure

*I remembered not  to rent out my head space
to the gremlins that seem to move in during 
the night. The real estate
in my head is way above their budgets ;-)

*I learnt that sometimes you just have to surrender to what is,
to who people are and to their baggage. You just
don't have to accept their junk in your space

* I remembered just how blessed I am and
that this blip, was merely just that…….a blip.

*I remembered to just trust the wisdom of life, it
always works out as it should.

Happy Weekend Lovelies