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Make a Statement

A jewellery trend that is continuing through
to this Spring and Summer is the chunky
statement necklace

statement bib necklace

It really lightens up your complexion and brings a 
sparkle back to you eyes (and who doesn't need that
every now and then) especially if the
statement necklace has a mix of pearls, beads
crystals and whatever takes your fancy.

statement bib necklace

A bib statement necklace that starts at the collarbone
can also disguise sun damage to the décolletage.

diamond statement necklace

If you are a "voluptuous" girl then I not only
envy you, but a short, chunky necklace
can refocus.
We really don't want any pendants disappearing down
a cleavage ravine ;-)

statement necklace by Luxuria Jewellery Boutique

Longer necklaces that dangle off the cliff of your
boob area is a real no-no, even if they are your 
late great grandmothers pearls, or a "find" 
you brought back from Thailand.
Don't go there.

chunky, statement pearl necklace by Dior

statement bib necklace in gold-Luxuria Jewellery Boutique

chunky necklace

statement necklace-Luxuria Jewellery Boutique

What do you think? Have you been brave enough
to wear a chunky statement bib necklace?

Is there an age-limit to when you should stop
with the chunky statements.

Would love to hear your views as always