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Madrid Fashion Week 2012

Well as this week was Madrid Fashion week, I thought I would bring you some Spanish designers who are perhaps as not as well known outside Spain, but who I think create gorgeous "wearable" designs (Ok, not to be worn to the supermarket, but I think you get my drift ;-)

So here goes:

Jesus del Pozo

Not sure if poodle comes with dress ;-)

I can see Kate Middleton wearing something
like this. What do you think?

I love these, but don't like the footwear
they've put with it :-(

Juanjo Oliva

I love ALL his designs. I can't choose a fav.

Adolfo Dominguez

I love all the gorgeous pastel shades, and really
LOVE their sandals!

Amaya Arzuaga (a fav of Penelope Cruz)

I love the first dress.

What do you think? Do you like any of them?
What's your fav?

I'll bring you some more later this week ;-)

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