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Love is..........

* letting you take the first sip of his cappuccino

*a soft, unexpected touch

*what causes you to lose concentration

*looking forward most to aprés-ski ;-)

* knowing what each other are thinking without saying a word

*not asking how much your new shoes and dress cost ;-)

*letting her take over the bathroom

*not complaining even though he only has 1/5th of
the wardrobe space

* not saying anything when he turns over in bed and takes all the
covers with him

*finding strength in each other when disaster strikes

* a necessity not a luxury

*not letting time run out

* him buying you your favorite magazine without you even asking

*letting him drive with the car roof down even though you
know you will arrive at your destination looking like a troll

*the reason we are here

*living spontaneously, not according to a life plan

*the fairytale you want it to be

* holding onto every precious moment

*when your future is as crystal clear as it can be

*always bringing out the best in each other

* not speaking for hours, but knowing the other is a touch away

*wanting the same things in life

*not caring about compromise; it's a given

Please share what love is for you..........................

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