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Love her or hate her!

Well this month Victoria Beckham is gracing the cover of yet another Vogue (UK) for the sixth time on her own! Pretty impressive I think.

Now she has had her critics for as far back as I can remember but I have always loved her. Why?

It doesn’t seem to matter who knows her, they all seem to say the same thing; she is the funniest and most down-to-earth person they know. That surely doesn’t come easy when you have the world at your feet, are married to one of the most gorgeous men on the planet (well I think so!), and seem to have clothes and shoes that the rest of us can only dream of.

I remember when she appeared in Ugly Betty, the cast and crew were so surprised that she arrived at the studio only with her husband and her children; not a PA in sight!

Simon Cowell (who certainly doesn’t suffer fools gladly) said that she was the most down-to-earth celebrity he knew. That really is a compliment.

What I like about her is that all the time the British and Spanish press tore her to shreds, she just kept her head down. She didn’t retaliate; she just kept working hard at everything she did.

All my Spanish friends hate here and I think that is purely down to the press she received when David Beckham was playing in Spain for Real Madrid. She resisted living in Spain for many years, spoke of her dislike of garlic, and the Spanish have never forgiven her for that (if it's true).

Thankfully the US press (who love a “trier”) embraced her, and consequently she has come into her own and blossomed. I for one am really pleased for her. The British (especially the British press) seem to love building people up only to then get great pleasure from tearing them down. This has thankfully not happened since she moved to the US where the whole family have been embraced. So why are we Brits so surprised she wants to stay in the US?

She is definitely like Marmite; you either love her or hate. I definitely love her. Beneath the glossy mane, false eylashes and Berkin bags is a fighter with a steely ring of determination that never falters ; I love that!

What’s your view?
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