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La Lewinsky

OK, so last week I posted my thoughts
about Monica Lewinsky on my Facebook 
page having read about an article
she has just written
for Vanity Fair .

My Facebook discussion got some really
passionate comments especially as I stated that I really felt
sorry for Ms Lewinsky and actually have very little
respect for Hilary Clinton.

Here's why:

* ML was the weakest and youngest link
in the debacle, so it was really easy to throw
her under the bus

*she however was NOT married. Should she have succumbed
to a married man? No. But surely the responsibility lies
with Bill Clinton and not the young impressionable intern

* she could have made millions riding on the back of
that story, but she didn't, and yet she is still vilified and
Bill Clinton is still revered and on the verge of
being made a saint (or so it seems)

*I am not condoning what ML did, but I have less respect
for Hilary Clinton. She blamed all the mistresses (and 
let's face it ML wasn't the only one) for
her own political reasons. Isn't that the same as 
selling your soul?

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My advice to Ms Lewinsky

I would love to hear your views however different
to mine they may be ;-)