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Keep Calm and...............

The Keep Calm posters have  become one of the
iconic images of the 21st Century.

I bet we all have a couple on our Pinterest boards ;-)

Spend just a quick 3 minutes to see how this image
was started in the UK during the WWII.
It's really quite interesting.

Here are some of my favs:

This last one is dedicated to
all my family + friends in the UK
who are suffering one of the wettest
summers in history :-(

So, did you know the story of these iconic images?
Do you like them or are you sick of seeing them
everywhere + on everything?

Do you have one of your own
that is your fav?
Do share it with us :-)

p.s do pop over to the Beaute Report to see our fab interview 

p.p.s having lots of problems scheduling posts with Blogger. Is anyone else? Has anyone solved the problem? Would love some advice :-(