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It's All In The Jeans

Now here's the thing Girlfriends.
I've always been terrified of wearing white jeans.

Yes, my secret is out.


I always felt it was for the super lithe,
bambi-esque type legs (which I certainly don't have).

I'm not fat, but I am no Eva Longoria.

Also I have always been aware of the white jean
disasters I've seen walking around such as the image below.
Apart from not understanding the fascination with this family,
she just doesn't do white jeans properly for me
(she seems to make everything look trashy-or is that
just my opinion?)

Not a look I wish to emulate
But now I've come to realize that maybe white jeans are
the chic older sister of the blue jean.

Blue jeans are for very relaxed environments
whereas white jeans are more for a smart-casual alternative.

I think they say "I'm a little more sassy
than your average denim wearer".

Michelle Obama is clearly all woman (not waif)
and I think she wears white jeans more than she wears
blue jeans

For me the Queen of White Jeans
has to be Liz Hurley. She's not a stick
insect but I think she gets it right
(and she's more my shape).

I love her Capri version

I think to keep out of "mutton-territory" one needs to avoid 
the sparkles and embroidered spangles that some jeans have.
Also perhaps avoid the ripped versions.

I think if you keep it classic chic paired with plain khaki
black, navy and grey you can't go wrong.

Marilyn Worked it With Black

Three pieces that I think will rock your
white jeans if you are keeping everything else

I would love to hear your views on white jeans in general.
Do you, or don't you?

Now the next job is to find a pair that
flatter and don't make my rear end look like
someones over stuffed sofa!