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It's a Boy- So It's Blue!

So this is where the worlds press has been camped
for the last month on baby-watch.

It was curious for me as I have passed this place
more times than I care to mention, plus it is also from
where I made my "debut" in 19........ ;-)

I have never been so fascinated with this door than
whilst waiting during the 10 minutes preceding the BIG
exit of  Baby Cambridge.

Kate and William with new baby

The country has now turned a lovely shade of blue
..........everywhere you look

This is the patriotic in me rearing it's head 

blue jewelry, blue earrings,

blue jewelry, blue earrings,


My fav interior color combination


I so want these armchairs

blue jewelry, blue earrings,

Kate and William with new baby

Congratulations to the lovely couple

So have you been on baby-watch or
is it something you can take or leave?
Perhaps you are anti-Monarchist and think
they cost us too much?

Whatever your thoughts I would love to
hear from you