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I Wish For You

This 2013, I wish for you..................

the joy of always having someone to share things with

that sometimes, just sometimes you can buy what
you REALLY want, not what will do 

Mui Mui

Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch

 the joy of opening a favorite book, the soothing
first page, the first familiar words

the joy of your footsteps being the first in
freshly fallen snow

the joy of the perfectly made coffee on a cold, 
Winters morning

the joy of living in the moment 
(just watch how a child does this ;-)

the joy of finding the perfect present

the joy of  of finding exactly the right retort-
succinct, memorable and at the exact time,
and not half an hour too late
(as usually happens to me ;-)

the joy of Spring and how it is
always better than you dared expect

the joy of being necessary to someone

the joy of the perfect reading nook where you
can escape from  every day "noise" and disappear
into the pages of your book

But most of all I wish that in 2013 there will always be something you want to learn, 
something you want to do, somewhere you want to go, someone you want to meet, 
and that whatever happens this year you continue to grow and find your bliss.

What do you wish for yourself this 2013?

p.s do pop over to macarons and pearls and see my  lovely interview with Ivana; read all about my favorite things in life ;-)

Images courtesy of Pinterest
Images 3+4: courtesy of Sandy from @oohlafroufrou