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I WIsh For You..............

September already!!!
I can't believe Summer is officially over.

However, September is always a month
of new beginnings for me (I think it
harks backs to school days; I loved
getting all my new books, uniform etc for school)

September makes me want to 
set new challenges, new mini-goals,
new mantras, new habits.............
new everything.

So this September my lovely ladies
I  wish for you:

*the joy of new discoveries

*the joy of "YES!!! I get it"

*the joy of seeing previously new ideas
coming to fruition

*the joy of reason

*the joy of mastery; whether that be of  your
own muscles (did I tell you I am starting a new running
programme. Sounds impressive, but when I tell you
I have the running abilities of a centipede, and have
a husband who runs about 12k
everyday, you will get why
this is a challenge for me), 

I'm sure I would run much better if I had these

* the joy of mastering a new hobby, a new job, 
a new recipe, a new language.


*the joy of  new journeys

*the joy of meeting someone new

*the joy of doing something for the first time

*the joy of finally realising there is no rush

*the joy of saying "no".

*the joy of life never growing stale

and of course the joy of sparkles 

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What are you looking forward to as
we move into a new season?

What changes are you excited about?

What can't you wait to embrace?