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I Wish For You………...

It's that time again where I would
like to wish all my wonderful
blog friends a fabulous holiday season

More than expensive gifts, excessive indulgence, food comas
(all the things we really love).
I wish for you to just savor every minute.
Egg nog cupcakes

I wish for you to just lose yourself in the moment, 
whether it be in the hustle and bustle of a big family Christmas 
or in the tranquility of enjoying your own company; just be present.

I wish that you don’t worry about the next thing on your list, 
the next shiny object or the next place you have to be. 

I wish you the realization (amongst all the noise that invades 
our lives) that NOW is all we have.
Louboutin Christmas Tree

And I hope you enjoy it for what it is and make 2014 
the year you take this forward into your daily lives 
by savoring the moments that really count ;-)
Waiting for Santa

Sending each and every one of you
"holiday hugs"
Thank you  as always for being by my 
side in this very humble space  where I
cry, vent, rant……but always sparkle ;-)

p.s don't get caught napping like this little angel.
Do visit our first ever sale which starts on
Boxing Day (all details above in header)

p.p.s I am featured in the Rich Girls Club latest blog post. Pop over and 
see the most extravagant thing on my Santa list and the story behind it