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I Wish For You…………..

This Christmas I wish for you……………….

*the joy of finding beauty in all it's many guises.


* the joy of just being and not worrying about
the next thing on your list.

*the joy of creating and accumulating memories
rather than things

*belly laughs

*your favourite Christmas films

*cocktails you would never dream of drinking
any other time of the year

*quiet moments to reflect on how blessed you really

*the joy of time

More than anything I wish you a wonderful
Christmas in whatever form that means for you .
If it means solitude with family, wild and crazy
or all of the above, I hope you are able to become
that little girl again that saw the magic and  wonder
in everything. 

As always I thank you for always being at my side;
my rants, my tears (this year has seen a lot of tears)
 and my happy times.

Hope you will continue during

Love you all and keep sparkling