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I Forgive Myself For...........

As I race through each week at break-neck speed, I seem to constantly live in a state of guilt for all the things I should or shouldn't have done.

So I am going to.....

............ forgive myself for not phoning back a friend who
only ever phones me when she has a problem (do you
have these friends?)

.......... I forgive myself for undermining my worth by sometimes
comparing myself to others success

.......... I forgive myself for getting irritated with an elderly parent
simply because his brain was not working as fast as mine

....... I forgive myself for being 20 mins into a car journey and
not admitting to Hubs I was holding the map upside down

......... I forgive myself for not following up my dental appointment. I have put
"Dr Teeths" children through private school since living in Spain. So I decided
I'm not putting them through University also ;-)

......I forgive myself for using hormones as an excuse
for my "usual" crazy madness

......I forgive myself for burning my chocolate puddle desserts
because I was distracted on Pinterest, but telling Hubs they are meant to be
slightly crunchy ;-)

.......I forgive myself for running through life so fast that
I not only forget where I've been, but also where I'm going

.........I forgive myself for never sticking to a blogging schedule
(I'm convinced my followers don't really care)

......I forgive myself for only being able to think about what I was
going to have for lunch during a meditation class, because
I was SO hungry. Enlightenment passed me by yet again!

.......I forgive myself for bumping into an old client and all
through the conversation I was only trying to remember her
name. The worst thing was she remembered mine
and everything about me

.......I forgive myself for giving up when I still had something to
give, but tiredness got the better of me.

So my Lovelies, what do you forgive yourself for?

C'mon confess, and
just let it go :-)

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