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Hanging On By My Fingernails

Today is the 31 August,and for many it marks the end of summer. Many of my fellow bloggers are already reviewing the Autumn fashions and preparing for the the next season

Most Spanish return to work tomorrow. There are a lot of sad looking faces around I can assure you.

It's still very hot here (my air-conditioning is blasting in the background as I type this post) so it's still really difficult for me to think about Autumn. So I am hanging on to the last vestiges of summer by my fingernails

For my final summer post I would like to ask:

* What did summer 2011 mean for you?
* What will you remember most (good or bad) about this summer?

For me, I used this summer to make "another" life-changing decision. I'm really excited but also terrified (more about this decision in my first post in September).
What about you?