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Guest interview 3: Inspirational Women

As a continuation in this series,
I would like to introduce you to
the lovely Sharon 

We have only known each other
a few months, but again it's one of 
those connections that just felt natural.

(Wait til you read about an act of kindness
Sharon performed; it will blow you away).

Tell us a little about how you got into event design consulting?
When my kids were little I needed a  creative outlet 
so I started volunteering for their school events and fundraisers. 
I built up a reputation over the years of being a 
super creative hard worker

You also do fashion consulting. Which of the two do you prefer?
            I enjoy both but I still mostly do event design just because 
there’s more of a need for that here in my community. I just love helping people come 
 up with creative ideas and helping them feel really good about their decisions.

Sharon, earlier this year you showed the ultimate 
act of kindness to a stranger 
that really shook me to my core. 
Can you tell us a little about this; 
how it came about and what moved you to do this? 

I was added to a friend’s group, someone who had kidney disease 
and was using Facebook as forum for awareness and talking 
about what she was going through.  When she wrote a comment saying
 ‘if more people would understand how horrible life on dialysis is,
 more people would be willing to donate their kidney.” 
Something just clicked in me and I decided to look into doing it. 
Seven months later I was a kidney donor. Once my mind went there 
everything just kind of fell into place. Read more about this journey to kidney donation

As a “yummy-mummy” of FIVE, and such an active consultancy business, 
what is your strategy for not neglecting yourself? Tell  us one of your beauty secrets ;-)
Well, I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t really officially work that much. 
I focus first and foremost on my family, then my blog and then if I have time I’ll do some jobs.
 Prioritising and knowing what’s important without feeling guilty and is key to finding balance. 
I’ve learned to say no and give up on things if they will interfere with 
my family or stress me out too much. 
Here’s a weird beauty secret that I do:
 Every morning after coffee, I make myself a cup of green tea. 
Once the tea bag is steeped I squeeze it out and rub it all over my face before I put my makeup on. 
Then I drink the tea. This way I get all those anti oxidants inside and out!

if you've seen Sharon's picture on her blog,
you know this tip works!

If you get to play “hookie” for the day, 
what is always on your fun-list to do?
I’d love to go sailing or just hang out on the beach with a group of close friends. 
I love the water and the sun and making wonderful connections with people!

Which celebrity would you just LOVE to style, and why?
Jennifer Lopez because she is so hot and I can relate to her body type. 
She is a super star, she is gorgeous and she is 
smoking hot without being a stick. I love that!

What’s one common style mistake women over 40 always make?
I’m going to say the opposite of what so many others say. 
Don’t start dressing matronly just because of the number of your age. 
Dress the way you feel and wear what makes you happy. 
It’s the inner beauty that shines through anyway. 
Just because a magazine editor officially says something is silly on a 
40 something doesn’t mean it doesn’t suit you and your personality. 
I am young at heart and will wear my hair long as long as I 
like the way it looks and it makes me feel great. If you have great legs, 
go ahead and where your skirts to your knee. 
If you like color, go ahead and where it in a fun yet sophisticated way.
 It’s all about balance at this age.

Which celeb do you think has the best style/look at the moment?
 Olivia Palermo and Blake Lively always look super stylish. 
Kate Middleton is the best for classy and ladylike.

How would you describe your style? 

I like sophisticated style with a bit of an edge. 
I also like rocker chic but I would tone it down and make it a bit more classy. 
I’m currently having a love affair with vibrant color blocking!

The  place currently in first place on your travel “wish-list” ?

I was recently in Italy which was my dream, 
but I didn’t get to see enough! 
I would love to travel along the Mediterranean 
and visit the Southern coasts of France, Italy and Greece!

Book or Kindle? 

What are you reading at the moment? 

Umm I don’t have much time to read...but I should definitely try to read more! 
I started Fifty Shades of Grey a while back but decided 
I really disliked the book a lot. I found the book to be a completely 
unrealistic female fantasy and the female character was just very unappealing to me. 
I like a strong woman who needs a lot more in her life than 
just exciting sex and the need to convert a man!

Who do you consider to be one of the most inspirational women and why? 

Diane Von Furstenberg hands down. 
I’m a young at heart woman in her 40’s and I find her to be an amazing role model. 
She has aged so gracefully, is still so full of life and remains 
relevant and successful with the younger generation in her fashion business.

What a fabulously inspiring woman.

Here's my thoughts on Sharon's interview ;-)

What did you think?
Could you give your kidney to a stranger?

Share your thoughts about this lovely woman.