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Furrrrrrrrr! It's Cold Outside.

Well this first week of Jan
has seen horrible weather 
just about everywhere, and I'm blaming
the weather on the "funk" I've felt all week.

London has seen gales and storms.
The US is experiencing a polar freeze which is making
its way (apparently) to the UK
next week.

Spain has seen really horrible weather too.
However, whenever I am there I am 
overwhelmed by the number of women
who are proud to wear their fur.
Carolina Herrera
Even just going to the food markets for their
fresh bread and they are all adorned in fur.
Tom Ford

My late Mum has her few furs in storage.
"I'm keeping them for my daughters" she always said.

However her daughters are too frightened to wear them.
You see in the UK animal activists are "active".

Ralph Lauren

I was accosted once in Regents Street (London)
when I inadvertently walked past a demonstration
outside a fur shop . I had a coat that had fur around the
hood, and I was spotted.


Thankfully I was not on my own and after a growl
from my Husband I was released.
But it has since put me off wearing anything that resembles
fur when I am in the UK.

I SO want this

However, when I am in Spain I don't have that fear.
OK, I do understand that Spain is a country that
considers bull-fighting an "art", but that's another
discussion for another day ;-)

Fur & Camel

So what's your thoughts?
To "fur or not to fur, that
is the question".
Mink anyone

As always I love hearing your opinions and views
and hope the first week of the year has been good to you all

p.s If anyone is interested in upping their
social media strategy (as I did in December), may
I recommend the lovely Julie from
She's an absolute doll and has the patience of a saint.
She also really knows her stuff. Just drop her line and
tell her Van sent you ;-)