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Friendships Without Borders

Yesterday was the first time I have ever met
one of my blogging friends. 

Whilst living in Spain it was difficult, but
now that I was back in the heart of London
there was no reason to decline
a girlie invite.

However,I was SO nervous for
so many reasons, but particularly because neither
of us knew what the other even looked like, or how we
truly were.

Suddenly I was a blank canvas and so was she.

I had no personal history to hide behind.

Hubs made me more nervous when he asked in utter confusion
10 minutes before meeting my friend,
"but how can you have a friend you've never met?"

So as I waited for the lovely Simone from (blog), I just didn't know what to expect.

I only knew she wrote a fabulous blog that I have
been following for a few years now, and that I
could only aspire to writing the way she did.

I only knew that when I was having
a family trauma in London (whilst living in Spain), 
she reached out to me and gave me 
sincere and objective

I only knew that she "got me"

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder, heard my name and the
next thing there were hugs all round as we stood 
in the middle of London.

We were off!!!!

It was so wonderfully refreshing. Because there was no
real personal history we were both so excited to find out more
about each other. We chatted for hours and the conversations
were so authentic and organic

We both chatted, listened  encouraged and
cheered from the sidelines as we discussed
our plans for next year.

There were no hidden agenda's. 

No one person monopolised the conversations.
(I'm sure you've been there;-)

We were both as equally interested in each other

We just
spoke as we 
found and that was so refreshing.

We both felt at  the end of
the day together as if  we had known each for ages.

And so my first blogging friendship was cemented.

I can only best describe it as going on a platonic blind-date
(altho' Ive never been on one!) .

It also made me realise that in this new age of technology
there really are so many ways to make new friends (that those 
who are not on social platforms, or who don't read blogs 
cannot understand-Husbands included ;-)

Is there any reason to be
lonely or friendless anymore?

So thank you Simone for making me leave
my comfort zone yesterday  and 
for such an enjoyable day

So what are thoughts on blogging friendships?
Can they ever be real and authentic?
Do you prefer NOT to meet up with
people you have met via your blog/online?
Have you had successful or disastrous

Would love to hear all your insightful views 
as always