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Fifty Shades of................

OK, my question is, are you a pink fan
or should women of a certain age stay
away from pink at the risk of looking like
Barbie's mother?

Nina Ricci

You see I LOVE baby pink. I don't own
many things in this color, but this would be
my shade.
Pink + feathers

And pink diamonds are even better ;-)
37.36 carats of pink diamond heaven

LINA pendant in fuchsia

ROSA stacking ring


Pink Rolex. Too Kardashian for you?

Pink Prada

How cute are these cuffs?
KIKI cuffs (a multitude of colors)

OK, maybe I'm stretching it calling these pink,
but they are too gorgeous to leave out. Perfect for your
French/Italian Riviera summer days
STELLA earrings

Are you a pink girl or do feel it's
just too girlie for you?

Do use pink in your interiors i.e bedrooms

Pink jewelry?

Pink make-up?

What's your fav shade of pink, or will
any shade do?

As always would love to hear your thoughts.

p.s 15% + FREE SHIPPING of any PINK item in our boutique. Just drop me an 
email first as this offer is ONLY open to blogging buddies. Offer ends 31 May 2013