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Feeling Blue

When the sun is shining, my thoughts always
go to all things BLUE; a color that has
been featured heavily on the catwalks and
many red carpet events. 

Any blue will do-I'm not fussy?

My idea of "fine dining".


Gorgeous Greece

Just this week at the Met Ball, Naomie Harris
wore this gorgeous Donna Karen dress in shades 
of blue (my favorite dress of the night).

The stunning Vanessa Williams this week in David Meister.

Gorgeous Hermès sandals. Can't you just smell the
butter soft suede from where you are?

Oscar de la Renta clutch

Stunning Elie Saab heels.

Vintage Chanel (wish I could get my hands on these).

Our NEW  ELOISA pendant. All you need to add is your fav jeans
or your best couture, a sassy smile and you're good to go!

NEW: LINA Necklace

MONICA Earrings

LUNA Earrings

Are you a BLUE fan?
Have you gone blue this season?
Will you only wear a specific shade of blue,
will any shade do?

Would love to hear your thoughts