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Everything Will Be All White

As soon as the sun starts shining
my thoughts go to everything white.

I am sure I could live in only white all summer
and no other color.

In fact my wardrobe in Spain is 95% white and my wardrobe 
in the UK is 95% black

Needs no words

LOVE these by Vera Wang

I want to don my paint brush and
start white-washing everything in sight

My perfect kitchen; I would
never leave

My perfect home office. I would work so much harder
if this was my office ;-)

I even gravitate to white flowers more than
any other color when buying flowers for my home

white chocolate is also a welcome treat ;-)

Multi-chord cuffs  in white. These look stunning
on bronzed skin. Perfect beach glamor.

What I am most coveting this summer ;-)

Leigh earrings

Would love to hear what color you always gravitate
too when the sun comes out.

Maybe you don't have a favorite?
Maybe you have a multitude of colors?
Maybe you have a signature color?
Just take a glance at your summer wardrobe/closet;
you might surprise yourself