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Everything Is Coming Up Daisies

Has Spring arrived where you are?
It hasn't where I am and there doesn't look like much sign of it next week either!
So to help us imagine Spring is on its way, I wanted to talk about flower-power.

Floral designs are still everywhere 


However, I'm not sure about you but in the past I tended to keep
away from florals. I always feel that if you don't know how to pick
the right pieces you could either look like someone's spinster Great-Aunt
or a remnant from the 60's! So I've always steered clear.

However, if you are still unsure of doing the whole floral get-up
then why not just add a floral piece that will still bring you
on-trend but not in such a conspicuous way.

If you want to follow the daisy trend as Kate Middleton did (without having to sell
one of your children or a kidney) then I think you
might like these:

Kate last week in Ireland wearing Daisy Earrings from Asprey
Cost: £17k

These are more affordable and just as pretty (in my humble opinion).

All here

That's it lovely ladies.
Love to hear from you as always

p.s a little something to make you chuckle