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Embracing Winter

Brrrrrrrr! It's bone-rattlingly cold
as I write this blog post.
But here's the thing. I LOVE Winter;
when all the festivities are over and it's
time to hunker down and wait for Spring.

Is that just me (because everyone I talk to
hates Winter!)?

I just love:

* cashmere comforts

*crispy pages of new journals awaiting
my goals and gratitude

* optimism and excitement for the next
12 months

* weekend lockdowns when it is deemed perfectly
acceptable to refuse to go anywhere or see anyone

*the sight and smell of new books and magazines
waiting to be devoured and savoured

* lazying and grazing (I am good at this. SO good!)

*cold frosty walks that rattle your bones and teeth

* hot, indulgent drinks that welcome you
back home

* big scarves

* cosy coats (that hide a multitude of sins ;-)

* pom-pom hats that are acceptable to the over
40's when brain freeze is imminent

* the crackling sound of logs burning

* reflections

*the darkness and stillness of early mornings

I love it all.

Is it just me that loves mid-Winter?
Would love to hear if you like Winter or are
hanging on by your Chanel painted finger-nails.