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Don't Be Afraid To.................

............nurture your souls.

OK, so what do I mean (I promise I'm not going 
all Zen and woo-woo ;-)

I mean absorbing yourself in
such things where time just flies; 
you lose hours without realizing
(let's not even talk about Pinterest ;-)

The thing is most of us have bought into the falsehood that

taking time to do frivolous things for ourselves is selfish.

It isn't. It doesn't take away away anything from anyone else;
it just  makes us better people in the process and
adds to our goodness :-)

Some of my soul "nurturers" include:

*cooking up a storm
*flicking through cookery magazine and books

*walking through Epping Forest which surrounds my home
here in the UK or
*walking on the beach really early in the morning
when I am at my home in Spain

*flicking through interior design mags, books
+ blogs

*painting walls (I'm lethal
with a paintbrush in hand!)

*wandering around my fav bookshops

So do something today that
really stimulates your soul and
puts a smile on your face.........then
watch the little miracles start to happen

How do you feed your soul? What makes you get lost in the 

As always would love to hear your lovely comments.

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