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Did They Define You?

Well Monday saw Spanish children FINALLY returning to school. Yes! they've been off since mid June-can you imagine? I don't have children, but I saw a lot of happy looking parents and exhausted-looking grandparents around yesterday.

As I saw some new charges, in their newly pressed and starched uniforms making their way to school, I started thinking back to that feeling I always got at the beginning of the new school term. I loved school, had no problems like bullying etc, loved buying all my new notebooks and pencils (I still love buying stationary today; I must get out more!)

But looking back, my school reports could have on occassion done me more harm than good. I have kept some snippets from my school reports in my Filofax for years. Some of them make me laugh, and one or two make me really angry.

Here's some of what my teachers said about me:

" If Vanessa spent more time concentrating than she does daydreaming, she could really reach her potential"
This really was an accurate assessment. I'm still known for being "away with the fairies" at some points during the day.

"Vanessa will never make an accountant. Her numerical skills are a lot to be desired".
I am slightly number dyslexic, so this was spot-on . You really wouldn't want me balancing your cheque-book!

"Vanessa will always be a good solid B student, never an A".
This comment could have really defined me. Thank God it spurred me on.

"Vanessa will always be one of lifes "plodders!"
OMG! this comment sent my very competitive (but supportive) Mum into convulsions. I'm sure she took to her bed for about 1 week!

"She has so much potential, but doesn't always channel it in the right way".
So true. Just ask my Hubby

"She has such a kind and sweet-nature, I just wish she would concentrate more".
I really loved this teacher. She was about 80 (or so she seemed to me at the time) and she taught me Literature. I have her to thank for my love of books.

The best one, was a remark made to me by my Careers Advisor, aged 16, when we were selecting our subjects for the exams that would see us get into University or not.

"I don't think Vanessa is really University material. I see her more selling perfume in Selfridges!"
This is the comment that sent my Mum into a fit! If it wasn't for my Mum, I really could have let this comment
define who I became. I did return to see this teacher when I graduated from University, but she was nowhere to be found. Perhaps my Mum got to her first ;-)

So dear friends, what can you remember about your school days?
Were you teachers spot on with their assessment of you?
Did you like or hate school?
Was there one teacher who stood out for you as being your loudest cheerleader?

I would love to hear your school-girl tales ;-)