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Dark + Delicious Ghoulish Finds

In celebration of Halloween, here are some unusual
"dark and ghoulish" finds.

Lydia Courteille "Pumpkin Ring" with orange
sapphires, green garnets, diamonds + blackened gold

Devil Pendant by Theo Fennel made with
white gold, rubies and diamonds.
This is my fav!

LOVE these!
Bat Earrings (Lydia Courteille) with black diamonds
drouzy agate, rubies and blackened gold

Spider Ring by Lydia Courteille; with orange sapphires,green garnets,
diamonds and blackened gold

Skeleton earrings (Lydia Courteille)

Lydia Courteille Bat pendant

Theo Fennel Skull ring with white gold, black, 
grey and white diamonds

Less ghoulish, but equally as dark and delicious
Our Chantilly lace pendant (made by the same lace house in Northern France
that made the lace for Kate Middleton's wedding dress). Read the
story here:
Our dark + delicious stacking ring; not just for
Halloween. Elegant enough all year round

Another Chantilly lace piece

Gorgeous multi-strand cuffs, The black would be perfect
for Halloween. Other variations on our site.

So which are your fav ghoulish finds?
Perhaps they are too over the top for you?

Would love to hear your views +
also what you are planning this Halloween, if anything
x xx

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