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Dare You Let Go?

One thing that the season of Autumn always forces me
to do is purge i.e let go.

It's a season when I look at letting go of perhaps
unwanted pounds that have crept on (those fat cells
are STILL living rent-free on my hips; time to evict)

letting go of  old habits that no longer serve me
such as worry (even when there's nothing to worry about),

such as always nurturing others before myself

such as checking e.mails first thing in the morning
(I read that people who delay checking e.mails
until the afternoon, are more productive)

It could even be letting go of friendships I know are toxic
(this is a really hard one for me, and one I am not good at)

Maybe it's letting go of  perfectionism
being the best multi-tasker you know
(is that really how you want to be

Maybe it's just letting go 
of a heavy blogging timetable

Or spending less time on social media

Usually our heart and soul knows exactly what it's time
to let go of.

Maybe it's letting go of the excuses for really not
pursing your dreams.

But it's sometimes our brains that give us reasons to 
not follow our hearts and clamp
our sweaty little fingers even tighter around the thing we 
should be letting go of.

However, sometimes when the seasons change, it's a good 
time to let go and make way for the new.

If we just get quiet, get brave and listen very carefully
our heart will tell us what we need to let go of

What do you really want to let go ? It doesn't have to be something
very deep or profound.

It would be just lovely to hear what new spaces you are making 
in your life this season

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