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Could You Live Without It?

It started as an experiment when I left Spain in the
summer to live back in the UK

It started as a dare from Hubs who said it could never happen

Yes, I am talking about living without a mobile phone.
It's now been 3 months, and I can't tell you how liberating
and wonderful it has been "sans" a mobile

It's been liberating not feeling obliged  to check
e.mails just because I have my phone with me.

It's been wonderful reading a book on the underground,
whilst waiting for someone, whilst waiting for an appointment
without feeling I "should" be replying to someone's message

It's been funny watching people's reactions when they ask for
my mobile and I reply I don't have one. Looking at their
expression you would think I had just told them I had drowned
a family of puppies!

I never realised quite how stressful it was having a mobile; the need to
answer e.mails, your mind constantly churning over responses
to questions, speaking on the phone (usually at the most
inopportune time)  instead  just enjoying the silence.

I still use my laptop, BUT
I've decided to limit time on social media
I only answer e.mails once a day (in the afternoon)
I schedule time for blogs and Pinterest

And do you know what? It's been wonderful.

I am feeling really "switched on to being switched off".

Would you dare go without  a mobile for 1 day
..........1 week......... 1 month?

Flowers outside my favorite London store

I promise it gets easier the longer the duration.

And all those emergencies we say we need our phone for
...............they very rarely happen ;-)

What do you think?
Would you dare?

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