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Cocoa Power

Well as this blog is supposed to be about all things decadent (altho’ I do digress more often than not!), I thought this post would be on something most of us would agree is decadent............CHOCOLATE! But we are talking about high quality chocolate here, not the chemically-enhanced rubbish most of us snatch on the run.

It’s the Swiss, Belgians and French who spring to mind when considering the world’s great chocolate makers. But it is in fact the Spanish who should be given a congratulatory slap on the back for bringing cacao beans back from the New World in the 16th century.

Chocolate soon became very fashionable in Spanish high society and during the 17th Century, the Spanish court was renowned throughout Europe for its expertise in making hot chocolate sipped from dainty chocolate cups with saucers.

Today Spanish eat a huge amount of chocolate especially in Cataluña where they eat double the quantity to the rest of Spain. This could be because of their close proximity to France, and because of the port were it was previously brought into the country.

Petritxol is Barcelona's "chocolate street". The cafes which specialise in hot chocolate are always packed with customers on a Sunday afternoon.

Typical Sunday breakfast in our house is churros and chocolate.

These are like hot doughnuts sprinkled with sugar; as if these aren't lethal enough you then proceed to dip into thick hot chocolate!! Yes, a heart attack just waiting to happen. But you will die happy!

Where Hubby and I go to partake in this Sunday sin!

Inside the "den of iniquity".

Chocolate shoes! Does it get any better than this?

So friends, what's your poison? Is it chocolate, or is it something else equally as decadent?

p.s please take a look at the blog Hampton Hostess, and see the stunning photos of my adopted city where she holidayed recently.