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Christmas wouldn't be Christmas Without...........

Those of you who know anything about me
know I am an absolute foodie; I love
cooking, entertaining, eating, reading food
books and magazines..........the list goes on.

So Christmas is THE time when I just get lost
in all the pleasures of food; cooking
tasting, testing, presenting.

I start planing my menu way back in
October, and it gets changed many,
many times.

Eggnog Muffins

But there are some favorites that
traditionally find their way onto the table; Christmas
just wouldn't be Christmas without them, such as.......

*Roast Goose (no-one in
my family are great fans of turkey)

* A stollen cake (which started from
many childhood Chritsmases in Switzerland)

* Snowball (a mixture of egg-nog and lemonade). I think
it's something my Mum invented when we were children.
I'm not sure if " snowballs" even exist. Maybe someone
can enlighten me :-)

French toast made from fresh brioché
for Christmas morning breakfast. Usually washed down
with Bucks Fizz.

Anything containing pecans usually finds it's
way onto the menu

And once all the cooking is done,
all the treats eaten, I will
ask Santa for this ................

So what foodie treats traditionally find their
way onto your menu (the more unusual the
better ;-)