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Black is Back! Did it Ever go Away?

by Vannessa@Luxuria |

OK, it seems that all I've been seeing with regards fashion is that "black is back". Well anyone that knows me knows it never left (Hubs says there is more colour in a nuns wardrobe than in mine! Not sure which nuns he's been staking out?)

I'm really not good at doing colour (altho' a little more adventurous in the summer), and can't wait for winter to appear so that I can start wearing black again.

It's a colour I feel safe in. I know it suits me. It always looks classy (well nearly always) and most importantly, I "appear" taller and thinner (everything helps when you get to a certain age) :-)

I hate shopping, so I tend to add items onto a list that I would like each season, and try and stick to it.

Here's my winter "wish list":
I LOVE this leather jacket by Amanda Wakeley

I spend a lot of time on the back of Hubs Vespa, hanging on for dear lifeas we zoom around the
streets of Seville .If you've seen the film Night & Day with Tom Cruise, it was filmed here, and I'm
sure Hubs is channeling his Tom Cruise albeit on his Vespa!
So I think these gorgeous biker boots by Jimmy Choo will more than compensate.
Must have a word with Hubs!

I still have not ventured into skinny jeans yet; just haven't mustered
up the confidence. But I love these straight leg jeans by Australian brand
Neuw (model above is Francoise Straight)

As I spend so much time in black, I "try" to add some colour with my accessories. It's not always successful, but these are on my wish-list.

OMG! I so want this Hobo bag by Ralph Lauren. It's called the
Harbridge Hobo. I love all the elegant, equestrian-inspired accents
(altho' have never been on a horse in my life!)
I think this might have to go on my list for Santa, but I know Santa is
going to make me choose between the bag and the boots.
Which would you choose?

I love this cashmere blend leopard print scarf by Alexander McQueen
This would be perfect to break up all my black. I know Hubs will say
"Does it have to be Alexander McQueen?" And my reply will be..........?

With this kind of casual attire, I keep my jewellery to a minimum.
Here's my "go to" day pieces.

So what do you think?
What's on your winter "wish-list"?
Are you a lover of all thinks black? Or is black boring, safe and unimaginative?
C'mon all you fashionistas, would love to hear your views.