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Black is Back! Did it Ever go Away?

OK, it seems that all I've been seeing with regards fashion is that "black is back". Well anyone that knows me knows it never left (Hubs says there is more colour in a nuns wardrobe than in mine! Not sure which nuns he's been staking out?)

I'm really not good at doing colour (altho' a little more adventurous in the summer), and can't wait for winter to appear so that I can start wearing black again.

It's a colour I feel safe in. I know it suits me. It always looks classy (well nearly always) and most importantly, I "appear" taller and thinner (everything helps when you get to a certain age) :-)

I hate shopping, so I tend to add items onto a list that I would like each season, and try and stick to it.

Here's my winter "wish list":
I LOVE this leather jacket by Amanda Wakeley

I spend a lot of time on the back of Hubs Vespa, hanging on for dear lifeas we zoom around the
streets of Seville .If you've seen the film Night & Day with Tom Cruise, it was filmed here, and I'm
sure Hubs is channeling his Tom Cruise albeit on his Vespa!
So I think these gorgeous biker boots by Jimmy Choo will more than compensate.
Must have a word with Hubs!

I still have not ventured into skinny jeans yet; just haven't mustered
up the confidence. But I love these straight leg jeans by Australian brand
Neuw (model above is Francoise Straight)

As I spend so much time in black, I "try" to add some colour with my accessories. It's not always successful, but these are on my wish-list.

OMG! I so want this Hobo bag by Ralph Lauren. It's called the
Harbridge Hobo. I love all the elegant, equestrian-inspired accents
(altho' have never been on a horse in my life!)
I think this might have to go on my list for Santa, but I know Santa is
going to make me choose between the bag and the boots.
Which would you choose?

I love this cashmere blend leopard print scarf by Alexander McQueen
This would be perfect to break up all my black. I know Hubs will say
"Does it have to be Alexander McQueen?" And my reply will be..........?

With this kind of casual attire, I keep my jewellery to a minimum.
Here's my "go to" day pieces.

So what do you think?
What's on your winter "wish-list"?
Are you a lover of all thinks black? Or is black boring, safe and unimaginative?
C'mon all you fashionistas, would love to hear your views.